Mass Customization Ideas and Cool Products

Customize your ClothesOn this page we want to show you some inspirational Mass Customization ideas and cool products that can be customized online on your own computer or tablet.

Mass Customization started a long time before design studio technologies were invented and way before the internet was available in every household. Thanks to the growing demand of personalized products, online design tools have become very easily accessible both on desktop computers and on tablets like the iPad or its Android counterparts. Also the prices for custom products are often not more expensive than those of standard products.

So here are some of the most popular custom products that people look for online. If you have been browsing the web, searching for all kinds of personalized items that you can buy online, read this page first and use it as a guideline:

Mass Customization Idea 1: Custom Shoes

Scarosso Shoe DesignerAs you can see in our mass customization diectory there are countless of customized products spread out on numerous websites. You will find almost anything and everything being customized these days but custom shoes are very popular both with men and women for two reasons: style and fit. Some look for the perfect fit, while others merely want to have a pair of one-of-a-kind shoes. Custom shoe websites like NikeID or iShoes by iTailor efficiently fulfill both of these needs for customers and all for very reasonable prices.

There are some shoe models that can be as pricey as the standard shoes you normally would buy at retail and boutique shops, but most of these “design-your-own”-shoes are very easy on the wallet. There is also the unrivaled joy of being able to create your own design, which you cannot do when shopping on a normal store. When it comes to options, you will be glad to know that you won’t run out. Whether you want cool custom kicks like Nike’s basketball shoes or custom stylish heels, you will find a myriad of styles on these websites.

Mass Customization Idea 2: Custom Shirts

Choice ShirtsAnother one of the most popular items being personalized today are t-shirts for men, women, children and babies. These custom shirts come in several sizes and most of the sites cater to plus sized customers too. T-shirt styles range from the standard round tees and sleeveless women’s tees to raglans, v-necks and more. Along with these style choices there are also several fabric options that you can choose from. These sites normally carry different brands like Hanes, American Apparel, Gildan, and more.

Sport teams also have the option to customize their own jerseys in their team colors and to add Custom Velcro Morale Patches too to boost their team spirit.

Mass Customization Idea 3: Custom Suits and Dresses

Bivolino2A highly popular customization service that customers seek is bespoke suits and other custom-made suits. Tailored suits are normally very expensive and not everyone will be able to afford this kind of service. Bespoke suits online are much more reasonably priced compared to tailoring. Plus, there’s less hassle because you can do all of the customization from the comfort of your own home. Sites like Indochino, Bivolino or Blank Label not only boast high-quality fabrics but they also almost always guarantee a perfect fit. Although most of custom suit websites prioritize the male customers, a lot of them also cater to women. So, you will also find a number of sites that offer custom women’s suits, or pantsuits and dressy formals.

Mass Customization Idea 4: Custom Jewelry

Gemvara2Customized jewelry is not really new to us. This service has long been available to customers – adjusting ring sizes and engraving services. Normally, though, customers would have to go to their jewelers to get this service done. Thanks to online mass customization, anyone and everyone who wants personalized jewelry can have them, minus the hassle of travelling to your jeweler. The sites we have reviewed boast a huge collection of gemstones and diamonds, as well as different styles of jewelry for all occasions. Most of them are also equipped with wonderful tools to help you make the perfect custom wedding rings, custom mom’s day jewelry or custom fashion jewelry.

Mass Customization Idea 5: Custom Lingerie

Impish Lee custom lingerieLast but not least another really cool Mass Customization idea in our opinion is custom lingerie. Which women wouldn’t be thrilled to learn that bras, panties, lingerie and other accessories all be can be made to order in their individual size and preferred fit including their favorite design? No matter if your are size 32-38 or cup A-DD, a range of companies like True&Co offers countless possibilities to design and customize your own lingerie. Even special items such as “handmade organic cotton lingerie sets” or a golden “Greek Goddess Bra” with rhinestones are not too much to ask…

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