Design Your Own Baby Apparel/Accessories

Every parent wants the best for their children, from the first swaddle blanket to the first pair of shoes. Most often than not, the best products out there are custom-made. Because custom baby products are made according to the exact specifications of your child, they will be able to provide a unique and perfect fit that a standard item will never be able to give.

We have browsed the web for reliable online stores that specialize in creating the most unique product and gift items for babies, toddlers and children.

Custom Cribs and Custom Baby Beddings

Baby Bedding2Carousel Designs and Doodlefish both specialize in baby beddings. Both of these sites are equipped with wonderful and sophisticated design studios, which are also both easy to use. The two sites offer almost the same kind of products and services, and a lot of their fabric options also have similarities. Both of them have equally-great product selections and a variety of different styles, from cute animal prints to very chic stripes or polka dotted crib beddings. Additionally, you will also find several products that you might find useful if you are redecorating a kid’s room or nursery, virtually everything from curtains to wall art. Among the two, we favor Carousel Designs more because their products are more affordable.

Custom Baby Blankets and Baby Apparel

Fill in the Blankie2Swaddle blankets and customized baby blankets are very popular gift items. We found two sites who offer this type of service. Message On A Blanket creates simple custom baby blankies, with a very simple design process. Their items are also very budget-friendly but the selection is very limited, having only three customizable products on the site. Alternatively, Fill In The Blankie has about 39 blanket styles that you can choose from. Additionally, they also have loads of choices for thread colors and font options. Their blankies are a little bit pricier but you’ll definitely get the best value for the money because of the selections provided.

Custom Baby Shoes

Preschoolians2If there’s one thing that you can deem essential in custom baby products, they are definitely custom baby shoes. Sites like Preschoolians and Soft Star Shoes both specialize in creating super soft and safe shoes for babies and toddlers, so your kids can learn their first steps in utmost comfort. These two companies utilize high-quality materials in creating the best custom shoes for your babies. Preschoolians caters more to a younger demographic – babies who are just learning to walk. Their selections are categorized by your baby’s age or requirements in shoes. The site is equipped with a simple but easy-to-use design studio that makes it creating custom shoes pretty trouble-free. Alternatively, Soft Star Shoes offers a wider range of options for everyone from babies to adults. Although they do not have a design studio like Preschoolians, their prices are considerably more affordable.

Custom Baby Products

Brown Eyed Baby Boutique2Brown Eyed Baby Boutique is a website that carries virtually anything baby related. Their product selections are not really that broad but they have a little bit of everything, from children’s clothing to diaper bags and educational toys. However, not all of their products can be personalized. Only select items like clothing, gift baskets and baby gifts can be customizable. Despite the limited selection of personalized products, this shopping site is still worth giving a try. Plus, their prices are affordable than most baby shopping sites, especially their sale items.

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