PreschooliansPreschoolians was founded from the passion of a father who wanted to provide intelligently designed footwear for young children. Being a father of three, founder Jeffrey Silverman understood the challenges in finding the perfect footwear for kids and he used his experience to build the brand that is now known as one of the best places to shop for toddler footwear.

The company highly values the comfort of your child and with this in mind, they have studied the best methods to develop the best-fitting shoes for your growing baby’s tender feet. Their products are categorized as Crawlers, Walkers, Runners and Adventure, which come in styles like boots, sandals, shoes and slippers. Crawlers have the thinnest suede soles among the others. It is as close to barefoot and can only be used indoors. The other three (Walkers, Runners and Adventure) have soles made of thin rubber and can be used for walking and running outdoors. The shoe styles have a great variety and cater to boys and girls. Prices range from $34.95 – $44.95. The company gives a great discount of 40% for families with multiples – twins, triplets, etc. All you have to do is send a picture of your multiples and they will send you a promo code to use at the checkout page.

Preschoolians2Their design studio is very simple but still impressive. The page displays a nice and pretty accurate image of the shoe being designed. Additionally, essential information about the shoe features and materials are also displayed. Depending on the shoe style, you will be able to customize the color of about 3-5 different parts and there are several color options to choose from. The designing process is very easy and quick too.

They have a pretty long turnaround time and it will take 10 days or more for production and shipping. Exchanges and refunds for non-customized Preschoolians are accepted within a two week period, as long as the product is unworn and not damaged. However, customized orders are non-returnable.

Overall, Preschoolians is a great and reliable name in terms of baby, toddler and children shoes. They provide great quality products and even different levels of comfort options. Additionally, it is easy to design custom Preschoolians because the site is well-equipped with all the essential information and a simple but efficient design studio.

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