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Evlove Screenshot One of the hardest things to shop for is lingerie but Evlove Intimates makes sure that this experience is both worthwhile and positive for any woman. The concept of Evlove was born in 2004 and took almost 2 years to develop. Company President Jenny Dombroski gave up her corporate position in order to fulfill her lifelong passion of becoming a lingerie designer. The name Evlove is actually “evolve” spelled backwards, which entirely describes both the company and the founder’s story.

Evlove’s customizable lingerie options include chemise, cross bralet, scoop cami, triangle cami, wrap bralet, boyshort, g-string, lounge pants, panty and thong. Prices for the bottoms range from $38 – $85 and $62 – $95 for the lingerie tops.

The options for fabrics are pretty limited as there is only lace, modal and nylon mesh. There are several different color options for each of the fabric choice. But unfortunately, there are very few design options for prints (only polka dot and pucci) and these are available only for the nylon mesh fabric option. You can also choose and design the appliqué for the lingerie. Although the only appliqué available are bows and flowers, they are available in a good array of styles (organza, satin and sequined).

Evlove products The Evlove Intimates design studio is straightforward and pretty easy to use. It is a 6-step process and all the design options are displayed appropriately in the page. Once the design is finished, you can then choose the size of your order. The sizing part of the process is pretty disappointing because unfortunately, there are only standard sizes available (XS, S, M, L, XL). This can be difficult for women who do not fit in the standard size category. To add to that, the visual representation of the lingerie is neither accurate nor attractive. There is no option to zoom the image or adjust and rotate the views.

If you want a much more hands-on experience in the designing process, Evlove Intimates actually offers a lingerie party service. You can gather up at least 10 girlfriends and a lingerie stylist around your area will come and help you throughout the design process. You will then be able to actually hold the fabric and see the sample products and designs.

There is a flat rate of $5 for US shipping and the company generously offers free shipping for orders over $200. If you host a lingerie party, you will be able to receive a 30% discount on your purchase as long as the minimum order is met. All the Evlove Intimates orders are manufactured in Chicago and because each one is hand-cut and sewn, it will take approximately 3 weeks for order to arrive at your door. If you are not happy with your order, you can return the lingerie for store credit within 14 days from the date of order.

Although the Evlove Intimates lacks a bit in terms of design options, it is undeniable that they have a strong passion to provide great service and quality products to their consumers. It would also be great if they further improve and develop their design studio and how the whole online process works.

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