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JumpColor ScreenshotJump Color is another fabric printing company that offers their services online. Unfortunately, there are no pages both on their website and anywhere online that discusses the history and origins of how, when and where this company started in the business of custom fabric printing.

Their website currently offers 10 different fabrics but only 6 are displayed: General Organic Cotton, Light Organic Cotton, High-density Organic Cotton, Twill Organic Cotton, Linen and Canvas. The price of these fabric choices ranges from $22 – $28. If the fabric that you require is not displayed in the current list options, you can email them for inquiry or request. The design layouts offered are Center, Basic Repeat, Half-drop, Half-brick and Mirror Repeat.

After uploading your own design, you can then choose the type of fabric, size and preferred layout. The process is pretty simple and straightforward, as all you have to do is tick on the radio buttons for your selections.

JumpColor Fabric DesignsAside from using your own designs, the website also offers several different design prints by their own designers. If you are not in the mood to create your own designs or have no resources to do so, you can just choose from the countless of different designs that range from bright florals to abstract designs. Additionally, the company also has some program that gives rewards to contributing designers so you can actually earn from your uploaded designs.

Turnaround time for the products ordered is 10 working days and standard shipping costs around $10. They also offer international shipping and no minimum order is required. The company also promises to give $5 free when you register in their website.

Although Jump Color offers freebies and rewards, I would not recommend this to anyone. Firstly, there isn’t enough information about the site. Details like offices, founder, staff members and even the history of how the business started is essential to the reliability of an online business. Also, the website itself has so many faults, from the design to the text (grammar, punctuation, content). This looks like a poorly designed online site that offers substandard services, if it does at all.

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