KeepCupKeepCup is a company with a positive global campaign that’s definitely very admirable. They encourage everyone to start using re-usable cups to eventually get rid of disposable cups. The company specializes in spill-proof plastic coffee cups, which comes in several sizes, styles and colors.

The KeepCup Store section of the site displays the eco-cups they sell. Currently, they have only a limited selection of their KeepCup Series – Cosmic Sky and the AFL KeepCup Series. They also offer some accessories like carry bags and tea towels. The cups usually come in three different sizes: Small (8oz), Medium (12oz) and Large (16oz), priced at around $12 – $18. Their ‘Design Your Own’ KeepCup, however, has an Extra Small (4oz) cup available, priced at just $10.

KeepCup2The site has a wonderful design studio, which is very easy to use even for first timers. You can customize the colors of the main body of the cup, lid, band and plug. There are about 25 color choices available but not all of these can be applied to all of the customizable parts. Most of the colors are only available for the band and plug. It is easy to play around and mix and match the colorways and the design process itself is very quick. The page also displays a 3D image of the KeepCup you are designing, which will accurately show the colorways you are choosing.

KeepCup is based in Australia but they deliver to 170 countries around the world. For orders within Australia, shipping will take about 2-5 business days, international orders take approximately 10-16 days to arrive. KeepCups have a warranty in workmanship and material defects for a period of 12 months. You can have a defective part replaced, provided it is still in the warranty period and they also accept returns and refunds.

KeepCup is a great company that does not just provide a great alternative to plastic cups, they also have an admirable desire to change the world. Their products have great quality and they are also cost-effective, being that they are reusable for years and years. The site is equipped with a wonderful and easy to use design studio and also with all the essential information you need to help in their global mission.

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