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Makeup has become an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. However, it can be quite challenging to get this right. Since there are several different skin types, skin tones and preferences, it can be such a daunting task to find the cosmetics that will be suitable for you.

Lilie Customized Cosmetics have made it their mission to provide makeup in a new way – for you and by you. You can mix and match different pigments, foils, toners, frosts, additives and even flavors and essences to create your very own lipstick or lip gloss. Currently, they only offer custom lipsticks, lip polishes, stackables and lip pots on the website. There are no custom foundations, blushes and other custom makeup available as of now.

We’re happy to report that their prices are pretty easy on the wallet compared to other designer makeup. A custom lipstick will cost around $23, lip polishes are around $21, lip stackables are only $5 (or $20 for 5) and lip pots are $16. There are additional charges for add-ins like extra oils which can be from $1 – $3.

Lilie Customized Cosmetics has a very simple and straightforward website. The customization is also an easy 3-step process. You choose a lip pigment shade which will be the base color, mix your preferred shade of toner or frost and finally add the extra elements. You will be able to choose the finish (cream, matte or glossy), the flavor & essence, foil, essential oil additive and add-ins (lip plumping, body builder, moisture additive, sunscreen, etc).

Although the process is made out to be simple, this can still be a bit confusing for those who have no experience in mixing up custom makeup. Additionally, there is also no image of the finished product so it may be hard to envision your creation. There are some guides and descriptions provided in the site but they are not too detailed and also incomplete. Shipping is approximately 3-5 business days from purchase and returns can be accepted for store credit.

The concept of customized lip cosmetics is awesome but Lilie Customized Cosmetics lacks in several elements. Aside from the limited shade selection, the images and descriptions (which are of utmost importance) is also not provided well enough, so the overall experience feels somewhat incomplete and unsatisfying.

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