How To Create Your Own Business Gift Certificates

How To Create Your Own Business Gift CertificatesYou started your own business. You read that smart business owners offer gift certificates. You know from experience that you appreciate gift certificates. Now you’re wondering how to create your own gift certificates.

No matter what your business is, you can create your own gift certificates, with real value, and encourage your clients to buy and use them as gifts.

Suggestions on How to Create Your Own Gift Certificates

Custom Gift Certificates for Online BusinessesYou can create your own gift certificates with various computer software programs. If you are comfortable with multiple programs, you have more options.

1. Microsoft Publisher: This program allows even a novice to create small business gift certificates. The software provides a gift certificate template to get you started. Simply start Microsoft Publisher. A “New Publications” window opens on the left. Click the top choice, “New Publications for Print” and then click “Gift certificates” in the new window. You will have a choice of 35 different small business gift certificates, ready for you to customize. Select a design you like, and click areas to type in your information. If you don’t like the gift certificate color scheme or font, go to the task pane on the left and choose a new one.

2. Microsoft Word: This software, too, offers gift certificate templates. In Word, under “File” click on “new” and type “gift certificate” into the task pane on the right. These 30 templates offer all-purpose as well as specific occasion gift certificates. Select a line of text, and customize your small business gift certificates.

3. Adobe PhotoShop: This graphics program allows you to place a photo of your business or product on your small business gift certificates. In PhotoShop, under “File” click on “new” and enter the dimensions of your gift certificate. A common size is about 3.5″ height by 7″ width. Leave a margin of at least 0.25″ on all sides. Color blocks are good, and can be added to your gift certificate easily in this program. Make it clear in writing that this is a gift certificate. Add your business name and address. Type the word “Number” with a line or box in which the number can be entered. Indicate that “This certificate entitles (space for a name) to (space for your offer)” or type the exact offer. You will also want a line that tells the recipient that the gift certificate is not redeemable for cash, and that its redemption value does not exceed a given amount. Provide authorization and expiration spaces, and print.

4. Zazzle: This is not software, but a website where you can design, modify, print and buy small business gift certificates in great quality and with special prints. Make a lasting impression with quality Custom Gift Certificates that WOW. Zazzle offers full color CMYK print process, double sided printing for no additional cost on a great variety of paper types and sizes. There are two printing options, standard and high definition and all cards can be double sided with high quality, full color, full bleed printing.

Vistaprint Custom Gift Certificates Print Shop

5. Vistaprint: Similar to Zazzle, this also is not software to download onto your computer, but a website where you can design and order small business gift certificates that will be printed and shipped to you or your customers.

Custom Virtual Gift Certificates for Online Businesses

You can create gift certificates for online businesses, too. Check first to see if the shopping cart service you use makes provision for gift certificates. They will be able to tell you how to create your own gift certificates for online shoppers.

Uses for Small Business Gift Certificates

Small business gift certificates are appreciated by both the gift givers and the gift recipients. They are easy to give and fun to spend.

Use small business gift certificates to introduce your business to new customers. You can potentially bring in a loyal customer or client who will be with you for years. Say thank you to loyal customers with gift certificates Add gift certificates to your regular line of merchandise.

Use small business gift certificates for private bookshops, boutiques, beauty salons, nail salons, restaurants, spas, candy stores, flower shops, etc. Use gift certificates online for any kind of business you have.

Generic Gift Certificates

If you decide not to create your own gift certificates, you can purchase generic gift certificates. They will be less effective as an advertisement, but can still bring customers to your store.

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