Indochino Custom SuitsThe men behind the Indochino brand are Heikal Gani and Kyle Vucko. These best friends discovered the consumer’s need for affordable but stylish custom made designer suits. Indochino was established in 2007 and is based in Canada and China. They cater to thousands of men consumers in 60 countries all over the world.

Indochino specializes in dress shirts and suits for men. They have a great range of products available in the website. Apart from the suits, pants, blazers and coats, they also carry accessories like ties, handkerchiefs, belts and cufflinks. Their apparel is exclusively for men so you would not find anything for women or children available in the site.

The prices are pretty affordable compared to other custom suit makers and designer brands. Three piece suits are around $300 – $400, dress shirts are $80 – $100, dress pants are $100 – $150 and ties & accessories range around $20 – $80. Indochino offers a sumptuous selection of fabrics and style for each product. Some of the most popular suit styles include Herringbone, Pinstripe and Prince of Wales. All of these look very well-made and tailored too.

Indochino Suit Design ToolThe Indochino Design Page, although quite sophisticated, is still simple enough for anyone to use. It looks very professional too. The design process is six steps, wherein you are given options to personalize your order. Generally for suits, you can customize the lapel, jacket vents, buttons, lining, monogram and pleats. The process can differ depending on the type of product you choose to customize. The page also provides helpful information and direction throughout the whole process. While we like the simplicity of their process, it lacks visual elements because there is no updated image of the product you are customizing. Changes and personalizations can be hard to visualize.

Manufacturing and delivery is finished within 21 days. The prices you see displayed on the Indochino website already include free global shipping, so there are no other extra charges. It takes quite awhile (3 weeks) for the order to be done and unfortunately, orders cannot be expedited at this time. Indochino has a Perfect Fit Promise, so your custom suit orders are risk-free. Depending on the situation, you can ask for an alteration, remake or full refund.

Overall, Indochino looks like one of the most reliable places to go to when shopping for quality custom suits and dress shirts. Although their Design Center is not as fantastic as others, they do have reasonable prices, stylish product selections and risk-free order processing.

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