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Master tailor Joe Hemrajani learned his craft from a famous Hong Kong clothier. He used his skills and experience to create My Tailor and bring quality craftsmanship and personalized service to his customers. Now that the Internet is available in virtually every household, this service has become more readily available for anyone who needs it.

My Tailor prides itself in being a specialty store, where the time-honored craft of making bespoke garments is very much honored and practiced. Aside from ordering custom garments online through their website, you can also opt to have a scheduled appointment with one of their travelling tailors. This is a great option if you want your shopping experience to be more personal. They have shirts, slacks, suits, tuxedos, jackets, coats and vests. Additionally, they also have several accessories to finish up your wardrobe: ties, cufflinks and belts. Suits can’t be ordered online. They recommend that this be ordered through a personal appointment with their tailor so the suit is ensured to fit you perfectly.

Their prices are pretty reasonable, which is a great thing. Custom dress shirts start as low as just $69. Formal tuxedo shirts are $100 – $399. Coats and tuxedos are priced around $400 – $1,400. This is, of course, depending on the style and fabric you choose. They have regular promos where you can save more if you buy more. Additionally, they also display budget-friendly items on the home page that are easily visible to customers.

It’s nice that they have a good range of style and product options. Their fabric selection page is filled with loads and loads of fabrics with different styles, patterns and textures. You will find an array of classic solid colors and a sumptuous serving of plaids and stripes. In terms of customization, you can customize the styles for the collar, cuffs, sleeves, front and back. Monogramming is also an option and it is free. Again, you can schedule personal visits with their tailors or even Mr. Joe Hemrajani himself if you are unsure of ordering online.

They have a long production time. It takes approximately 5 to 8 weeks for an order to be done. Orders are made in their Hong Kong factory and shipped to their US office in California when finished. All of their shirts have a lifetime free repair of any seam. Extra buttons and collar stays are also free. For returns and exchanges, you can contact their customer service department.

My Tailor excels in providing great quality and personalized custom service. However, their prices are pretty high compared to the others that we’ve seen. The customization process in their website also lacks order and can be confusing for first time users. If you are, however, willing to spend a little bit more for a quality custom shirt, this is a great and trusted place worth checking out. Their ‘scheduled appointment’ option is also great for those who want a more personalized service. Not a lot of custom tailors online offer this option.

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