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1Saras ShoesSara’s Shoes founder and owner Sara McIntosh has been making shoes since the early 70s. She started this venture with just minimal shoe-making skills and a big heart, and soon found herself learning and developing quickly. After decades of practice and knowledge, Sara was able to turn herself from a simple cobbler to a master shoemaker.

Sara makes custom shoes for both men and women. The shoes are made of top grain split cowhide leather, which guarantee durability and long wearability. The website displays an ample amount of shoe selections of different kinds. There are about 9 different style options for men and over 10 style options available for women. There are also about 7-9 boot styles for men and women. Sara also makes ‘special needs’ shoes that cater to customers who have extra needs or requirements like different sized feet or different leg lengths and those who are prone to bunions, corns and neuromas.

Because Sara’s Shoes are hard-wearing and long-lasting, their prices are pretty high. Shoes start at around $325 per pair and boots are even more expensive, starting at $340 and can go up to $495 for a pair of tall ones.

1Saras Shoes2They have a very simple ‘Design Your Shoe’ page and the customization process is also simple and traditional. There are no 3d images or sophisticated design tools on this design page. There are, however, drop down boxes where you can choose the custom options. The customization options will depend on the shoe style but most of the time, you will be able to customize the color, fit, buckle, insoles, soles and toe shape.

Unfortunately, the site does not provide much information about shipping, production times and return policies. However, they do have a customer service number that you can call for inquiries like these. You can also contact Sara through her email address provided on their website.

There is no question about the durability and fit of a custom pair of Sara’s shoes. However, their website and their services lack in several aspects. The customization options are more for fit and comfort and not for style or aesthetics and their shoes are also quite expensive. If you are looking for durable fall boots or riding boots, the site boasts several of them but you might be disappointed if you are looking for stylish heels or fashion shoes.

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