About 16 years ago, customizable apparel was a rare commodity. The means as well as the technology was not yet available for people and companies to market this kind of business. Beyond founder Scott Jones discovered he could turn this need into a business when he created climb and ski jackets that did not just fit him perfectly but was also suitable for his sporty and adventurous activities.

The company started to gain recognition around 2002 and they eventually increased and improved their line of apparel and service. They have focused on creating jackets and pants for the outdoors, so most of their consumers are backpackers and adventure-seekers looking for high-quality customizable outdoor apparel at a reasonable price.

Some of the types of jackets they currently offer include fleece, soft shell, Primaloft and waterproof. They cater to both men and women and offer several ways of customization. Although color options are very limited, you have control over other things like sleeve length, fit, embroidery (or logo) and measurement. For requests like extra pockets, cords and hoods, there is an additional charge that would usually range from $15 – $30. The base price of jackets starts at around $200 and around $400 for waterproof and Primaloft types.

The site’s DIY process is pretty basic. It is a no fuss, no frills method where you can put in your measurements and select your preferences through tick boxes. However simple and easy to use, it is also no eye candy. The product image gets updated when changes/customizations are done but it doesn’t look too accurate. The price is also updated when your choice requires an extra charge.

The production and shipping can take up to 5 weeks, so it is advisable to order early. All of the customized products are American made and they also offer a 100% RightFit Guarantee – which states your order will fit perfectly. If not, you can call their customer service within 30 days upon receipt to return your order. Additionally, you can also request for a fabric sample and a catalog to help you decide before ordering. For large-scale and bulk orders (10 or more), discounts are given and you can also request for custom embroidery.

Visually, the website is not much to look at but they do deliver in terms of quality. Their outdoor range is equal or even better than other off the rack apparel and the prices are pretty reasonable too. However, their customizing process as well as the product range are pretty limited and can still be improved.

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