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Tailormade-Jeanswear Screenshot Poor fitting jeans have long been a problem and Tailormade Jeanswear aimed to help the consumers become more comfortable by giving them the opportunity to have a pair of jeans that is made exactly for them. The company started in 2003, located in the US and is being managed in Texas. They had offices in the US, in Canada and in Europe. They believed in cultural diversity and make use of different talents from all over the world.

Unfortunately the Tailormade Jeanswear website seems to be under construction for already a few months so customers have to look for alternatives. But big jeans brands might be thinking about offering custom jeans design services as well. Levi’s launched a Made To Order Jeans project inside their Meatpacking store in NYC. Maybe Lee Jeans will also follow someday, who knows…

Cloning Your Favorite Jeans

Tailormade Jeanswear offered not just the typical custom jeans, but also a totally unique concept of ‘cloning’ your favorite pair of jeans, because we all have that one pair that we always love to wear. Tailormade Jeanswear was able to recreate your old jeans according to your required style. Additionally, they also had several ready-to-wear jeans available.

Their clone jeans are made with an easy to use DIY system. You can choose from a number of different style options for your TJ jeans. Unlike the other custom jeans companies, TJ’s offers other fabric options aside from denims, corduroy and twill are also available and all of these are offered in different color options, which are also available for their DIY custom jeans.

You can also customize the thread and button colors, pocket style, fly and stitching. If you want to further personalize your order, you can do so by requesting to have your name stitched inside the right fly. Unfortunately, their DIY design system is not equipped with options to customize things like the rise, cut or hem of the jeans, which can make things a little challenging for some. However, you can provide pictures and links of how you would want the jeans to look like. Additionally, you can put all the specific design instructions in the Special Request section.

Tailormade Jeanswear Measurement Sheet As with any other custom clothing, measurement is very important. The great thing about TJ’s is their website provides a very helpful page that offers clear and easy to understand instructions on how to take measurements on necessary areas. This comes in very handy especially to the new users.

A pair of custom made TJ’s designed from their Jeans Configurator will cost $129. For cloned jeans, they charge $149 for the first time you order (this includes the courier fees for the jeans you send them). After that, the next orders will be around $129 with free shipping worldwide. If you choose to add fancier designs, like the button fly, additional fees of around $5 may apply. Shipping will be within 2 to 3 weeks once your order and jeans pattern is received. They also offer a 110% money back guarantee – a full refund plus additional 10% for the trouble.

Tailormade Jeanswear is a great way to recreate your favorite jeans. Although their Jeans Configurator can still be vastly improved, the website is equipped with proper tools and instructions customers need to be able to design the perfect fitting pair of jeans. They also offer three different options for customers, which aren’t all available in other custom jean websites. You can design jeans from scratch, clone old jeans or simply buy pre-designed ones. The variety of options is definitely much appreciated by customers.

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