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FabricOnDemand Screenshot Fabric on Demand was founded in 2009 and based in South Carolina. Although they at that time were new in the business of customized digital textile printing, the people behind the brand have had over 30 years of combined experience in the industry. Fabric on Demand Co-founder Rysa Pitner is one of those responsible for the company’s concept of offering customized fabric online.

With the exception of the fleece and suede, all the fabrics they use are milled in the US. Fabric on Demand uses water soluble inks for the printing process which still has some chemical elements, although not really harmful.

The best thing about Fabric on Demand is their fabric options. Currently, they offer 18 different kinds of fabrics and this is actually the most that any other digital textile printing company has ever offered. Zazzle, the huge custom, on-demand product marketplace that was already launched in 2005 currently offers only 7 fabrics like cotton, linen or polyester.

On the other hand Zazzle has a huge selection of colors, patterns and designs to choose from like Monogram Fabrics, Vintage Fabrics, Photo Fabrics, Baby Shower and Bridal Shower Fabrics and so on.

Fabric on Demand Design Process

FabricOnDemand Fabric ShopAvailable fabric design layouts for uploaded designs are as follows: Centered, Repeat, Half-Drop, Half-Brick and Mirror.

When uploading your customized designs, there are some requirements like minimum 150 dpi (image resolution) and maximum 10MB file size and the file types accepted. Make sure to go through all these first before uploading or ordering the fabric.

Unfortunately, the Fabric on Demand website lacks in terms of visual representations because the system does not generate a preview of your uploaded design and its design layout. There are however, great details and information about the fabrics available. Some of the fabrics include 100% Cotton, Fleece, Lycra/Spandex, Polyester Satin and Polyester Jersey Knit. Each of these fabrics is provided with essential detail information so you would have a good understanding of its texture, quality and common uses.

Additionally, you will be getting a confirmation email from a company designer, which will contain the layout and proof of your design. Expect to receive this within 24 hours after the order is made.

The costs of the fabrics range from $16.25 – $31.50 per yard. Fabric on Demand has a 10-day shipping guarantee, which means your orders are guaranteed to arrive in 10 days or less. If they do not meet the 10-day guarantee, you will be refunded 100% and will still get your order. Returns of custom orders are not accepted.

Overall, Fabric on Demand provides both great service and quality products. Although their website as well as their design system needs some improvement, they fair quite well in all other aspects. They also score major points in terms of fabric options because currently, they offer the most options any online digital textile printing company has offered. This is great for customers who need variety in their fabric orders.

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