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Fill In The BlankieThe Fill In The Blankie website was launched in 2004, with a mission to offer customers a fun and easy way to create personalized baby gifts. The idea was inspired by a loving grandmother who enjoyed weaving and embroidery. Sonya Bebeblankee was then born, acting as the warm and caring character behind the embroidered baby blankies.

They specialize in baby blankets and only baby blankets, so don’t expect to see any other baby accessories available on the site. They have lots of styles right now – 39 blanket styles, 27 font options and 18 thread color options. Each of these blankies are made of 100% woven cotton with super soft 2-inch satin trimmings on the edges.

Their blankies are separated by three categories. The Good/Soft category features basic blankies with a subtle herringbone pattern. There are three sizes available in this category and items cost $39 – $67. Two collections are featured under the Better/Softer category. Blankies under this label features a variety of designs from classics to patterned fabrics. Items in this category start at $49. Their Best/Softest category features the most options, naturally. Items under this label are priced the highest at $81 – $145 but it also has the most collections, design variations and style options. Their most expensive style, Pharaoh’s Finest, features incredibly soft 100% Egyptian Cotton with a 400 thread count.

Fill in the Blankie2Despite the site not having a sophisticated design studio, we are still very impressed with how their DIY design process works. It might be simple but it is nevertheless, still very efficient. The process involves three steps – putting in the custom message to be applied, picking a font style and choosing a thread color. There is no additional charge for their customization services, unless you want to add a little extra personalization like gift wraps, sewn-in illustrations or a cute plush animal to go along with the customized blankie, then you will have to pay for an extra $7-$24. If you’re having trouble with formulating a custom message, you can use their templates for several special occasions and just fill in the blanks.

Production is approximately 5-7 business days, plus the shipping time of around 2-3 business days, so expect your order to arrive in about 7-10 business days. Shipping can be expedited for a fee and they also have rush production available. The company has a ‘50% Rule’, wherein they can remake the blankie (if mistakes have been made in production) for 50% of the cost + shipping.

Overall, Fill In The Blankie is an impressive website that provides great quality custom baby blankets. Despite its simplicity, the site is still able to deliver great customization services and also offer a nice array of blankie options and custom styles.

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