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Baby blankets are a great gift to expecting moms, baby showers and christenings. Message On A Blanket takes that idea a step further by offering customized baby blankets. The company started with a good idea which eventually grew with time, after an investment in equipment software and the boom of the Internet.

Currently, they only have three products available on the site – all of these are baby blankets set in different colors (blue, pink and white). These blankets are embroidered with the baby’s name, weight and size. There is also an option for just monogramming, if you prefer something simpler. All the blankets measure 30 x 40 inches and made of soft fleece. The products also come with a hand-written note that you can compose. Each blanket is priced at $25 and this already includes the shipping and handling fees.

The website is not equipped with a sophisticated design application. You just have to input the information needed on the boxes provided. Unfortunately, design customization is very limited. The blanket color options as well as the thread colors for the monogramming and embroidery is also pretty limited. There are no cliparts and other images that can be incorporated in the design. Orders will be shipped in approximately 2 business days. For returns or refund information, you can contact them through email, chat or through their hotline.

Message On A Blanket has a very nice concept of personalized baby blankets. Although their blankets have good quality, their website as well as the execution of their customization service needs a lot of work. There are a lot of restrictions in the design process, making the shopping and design experience quite easy but boring. Also, the website is not that equipped with the proper information about the company’s history, policies and instructions so it doesn’t look as reliable and efficient as other companies who offer the same service.

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