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Dennis Dann, founder of Dann Clothing, has over 40 years in the industry of retail. This experience has made him a true master of the craft of making clothes, valuing the quality of his products very, very highly. His passion for his business is evident in his clothes and although the brand may not be as popular as other bespoke tailoring companies, Dann Clothing proves to be a well-worthy competition.

The brand exclusively offers formal wear and accessories for men. Aside from customized dress shirts and suits, they also have a nice offering of accessories like bags, cuff links, tie bars, jewelry boxes, leather belts and many more. These accessories, like their shirts, have noticeably high quality. There are elegant cuff links with sterling silver or gold finish, semi-precious stone accents and even hand-painted and vintage ones.

There are two dress shirt collections: Gitman and Dann Private Stock. Although there are only two shirt collections, there are several different shirt styles available in each one of them. The classic solids are widely popular and there are also other fun fabrics and patterns like gingham, stripes and checks. The shirts are priced at $100 – $150 but there’s a two-shirt minimum order.

Regrettably, their website is not equipped with a good design application. There are drop down choices provided during the customization process and some essential details about the fabrics you are choosing. However, the website is not categorized properly that it can be hard to navigate around, especially for first time users. Links are scattered everywhere, the color backgrounds are not appealing and there are no pages, tabs or categories that suitably directs you to the type of product you are looking for. Custom products take up to 4 weeks to be delivered, and more during the holiday seasons. For returns and exchanges, you must first contact them through email for authorization.

In terms of product quality and execution, Dann Clothing delivers highly. They have great experience in the field of customized dress shirts and also have an extensive and stylish range of products (dress shirts and accessories). However, the disorganized and outdated layout of their site is distracting and it can be difficult to browse around, look for products you like and even order.

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