Mulberry Moon

Mulberry Moon was an online shopping site that specialized in sterling silver jewelry and several gift items. They are located in Grayson, Georgia and although this is a relatively new business in the World Wide Web, their website as well as their products still have a lot to offer.

There is a wide variety of jewelry available in their products. They have necklaces, pendants, bracelets and different charms, earrings and rings. The style of the jewelry is also pretty varied. You will find some that have classic, traditional designs while there are also others that display modern, trendy styles. Aside from the jewelry, they also have accessories like bags, totes, frames, plates, candles, umbrellas and many more. Basically, you can find gifts for every occasion available in the site.

Compared to other personalized jewelry specialty shops online, the prices here are much more affordable. While some websites have jewelry that racks up to thousands of dollars, at Mulberry Moon you will find a lot of cheaper options. Some are priced at just $20 – $30 and the more expensive ones are just at around $70 -$100.

The layout of their website is simple and usual but can be a little bit confusing. The products are not that neatly categorized so it can be a challenge to find a particular jewelry unless you go through all of the categories one by one. Take note that not all of the products displayed are customizable. Also, you would not be able to customize the style of the jewelry. What you can do, however, is put monograms, initials or embroidery, depending on the product chosen. There are limited fonts, colors and placement options available but the service is free.

Engraved jewelry typically ships in 3-7 business days and embroidered items take 5-10 business days. Currently, they do not have international shipping and only deliver to the US. Non-personalized orders can be returned in exchange for store credit within 30 days of receipt. Personalized items can’t be returned or exchanged.

Mulberry Moon offers a great array of products for budget shoppers. They have some of the lowest priced jewelry we’ve seen online. Their site, however, needs some major revamping. There’s also a lot of restrictions on customization. Customers will enjoy the shopping experience better if there was more freedom in jewelry design.

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