Elemental Threads

Elemental Threads or eThreads was founded by young entrepreneur Emily Worden. Emily has always had a passion for making clothes and sewing and she has being doing so for about 20 years. The company is also passionate about the environment and they strive to make eco-friendly custom goods fashionable and accessible for everyone.

eThreads uses eco-friendly materials and packaging in the production, which takes place in Boston, MA. They also have a great and unique scheme – eThreads rePurpose. This method encourages recycling of your own old clothes. They take your old clothes, blankets or fabric and turn them into a unique bag. However, since this method is more complicated, the cost is 30% more than their standard custom bags. You can find a complete list of the prices in the site. Regular customizable bags are priced from $24 – $148.

There is an ample selection of bag styles available in the site. You can choose from different sized pouches, clutches and totes. Although there are only about 15 styles to choose from, there is a wide array of fabrics and prints that you can use for the bag. These range from solid colors to fashionable prints like leopard, paisley and houndstooth. The fabric options are cotton, organic cotton, canvas and specialty.

Their Design Studio is both eye candy and efficient. It is well-designed to be straightforward and easy to use. This makes it very simple for any user to be able to create a stylish custom bag according to their tastes. It displays a very accurate visual representation of the handbag you are designing and also provides detailed information about the product. There are countless of design options to choose from. You will be able to customize the body, handles, hardware and fabric of the bag. Because of the sumptuous selection, the bag easily transforms from a blank canvas to a stylish arm candy.

Production time takes around 3-4 weeks from the date of order. Rush periods and holidays can extend the production time up to 6 weeks. The company does not accept returns or exchanges, as the bags are made to order.

This company delivers highly in terms of design options, quality and website performance. Although the bags can be a little pricier than some, you are guaranteed that you will be getting a stylish purse. It is a great place to practice your bag designing prowess too.

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