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DWatchDWatch was founded by two watch enthusiasts who are also proficient divers. They understood the importance of having a high-quality diver’s watch and wanted to bring their experience to other enthusiasts. The DWatch company specializes in affordable custom watches that have a sportive functionality while retaining an elegant look.

All of their watches are water resistant and can be used for diving. There is a limited selection available in the DWatch catalog – about 7 styles that range from sporty styles to more sophisticated models that are also capable of deep water diving. Prices of catalog watches and custom watches vary. A typical watch costs more or less $1,000 and there can be additional charges depending on the custom parts you choose.

DWatch2Unfortunately, the DWatch design application is a little outdated, making the process confusing and also quite tasking. The good news is – there is great freedom in customization. You will be able to choose from several types of bezels, dials, hands, crowns and straps. There is only one available case finish right now but there is a good amount of options for the others, whether you want ceramic dials or hands specific for reef, deep diving or snorkeling. Prices for these parts differ. The application also displays an image representation of the watch and although it is not 3D and can’t be rotated or zoomed, it does display a good image of the product.

Production and shipping takes about 21 business days from order confirmation. DWatch customers who are not fully satisfied with their orders must contact their customer service department within 3 days to process a return/refund request.

Overall, DWatch is a great website for custom watches, particularly for those who are looking for quality diving watches. There are, however, several flaws we see on the site. They have very limited product options with very expensive price tags and their design application is outdated, making shopping a little complicated and not very enjoyable.

Unfortunately the DWatch website is not reachable anymore so it seems that DWatch has been closed. If you want to design your own custom watch you should have a look at the watch department of Zazzle. They currently offer 17,076 customizable watches for men from $25 to over hundred dollars.

Zazzle Custom Mens Watches

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