Blue Cotton

Unlike other mass customization companies in the market, Blue Cotton was not really instituted intentionally. The founders were college grads who just happened to stumble upon the business when they were down on their luck. Thanks to fate and great ideas, the small ‘accidental business’ became the real deal. Now, they have grown into a reputable company and has become a go-to place for custom shirts, especially for young people.

They have a smorgasbord of customizable apparel, from casual shirts to business or dress shirts. However, since the company is mostly focused on tees, they do not have a selection for bottoms like dress pants or skirts. Customizable accessories such as bags, aprons and hats or caps are also available. In terms of pricing, you’ll be happy to know that it is pretty affordable too. For a basic tee, the base price ranges from $23 – $35 and they also offer free standard shipping for your orders. The price can go up depending on factors like the amount of colors for the tee and the complexity of the design.

They use screen printing, digital printing, vinyl names and numbers and embroidery for the customized designs. Unlike other mass customization companies, Blue Cotton apparel come in several different sizes, from XS up to 8XL. There are also different fabric tees displayed on the selection and each of them have a pretty nice material, cut and fit description.

Blue Cotton’s design software is one of the most sophisticated application we’ve seen in the industry of mass customization. It gives the user great control over the design so creating your own patterns are very much doable and easy too. There is a bevy of color options, text fonts, effects and cliparts that you can add to the shirt. Moreover, you can drag and place your chosen design virtually anywhere you want. If you are having a hard time on designing, you can take a page from their design ideas and use them as inspiration. You can also upload your own design and use it in the apparel. Manufacturing and shipping would usually take 10 business days or less. Standard shipping is free and you can request for rush shipping for an extra charge.

Blue Cotton’s whole process and design software is pretty impressive. They provide all the quality tools for users to be able to create a great customized tee. Not only is the design process very easy, it is also fun to do. With a flexible system and a reasonable price range, we are not surprised that this company is widely popular and preferred by many.

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