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Pet Collection specializes in custom watches with personalized photos. They personalize watches by placing your favorite pictures (of your pet) on the face of the watch. This is also a great idea to market your company or maybe just keep a loved one’s photo close by. Aside from personalized watches, they also offer other custom products like t-shirts, mugs, animal pendants, iPhone photo cases and many more.

Unfortunately the Pet Collection website is not reachable at the moment but there is a very good alternative: the watch department of Zazzle. Zazzle currently offers a staggering 446,163 customizable watches for women, men and kids from $25 to over hundred dollars. Their design tool also allows you to create your custom photo watch with your own images.

Custom Pet Photo WatchesThe prices of the custom pet photo watches from Zazzle are also very affordable, mostly ranging from $40 to $60 dollars. Apart from photos you can also personalize the watches with a custom text such as the name of your pet. For example there are also special memorial watches for pets that have deceased.

Apart from the dial color and a custom photo you can also change the material of the strap and the watch catch. From real leather to stainless steel to rubber there are many options available to customize almost every detail.

We just love the super affordable price tags of Pet Collection. Custom photo watches are priced at only $25 – $65 and animal pendants are around $12. Apart from the affordable prices, they also offer discounts that start with orders of 12 or more. The style of the watches vary, from the classic leather strap watches to the more modern silicone watches. If you are not into photo and logo watches, they also have those pre-designed ready-to-wear watches that you can choose from. All of the Pet Collection watches are water resistant and have a nice quality. Not the best you will find online, but still pretty great for their price.

How to design custom watches with personal pictures

The quality of your personal pictures is very important, so make sure you send in photos that have high resolution. The clearer the photos are, the better the result of the production. Pet Collection advises not to alter, crop, fold or staple the pictures you want to submit. There are a lot of limitations to customizing the watch as you can’t change its color or the strap. However, there are some models that have customizable hour dials. They do not have a design tool or application because it is not really that necessary. You will only need to specify your watch style, hour dial and submit your photo on their checkout page. Upon request, they can send a free digital proof of your custom watch so you can check the position and placement of the photo or logo.

Custom orders are shipped within 10 business days after purchase and another 5-7 business days to be delivered by USPS.  The watches have a 1 year limited warranty, so any defects in workmanship will be replaced or repaired. Personalized watches can’t be refunded, only exchanged but this is subject to an exchange fee plus shipping cost.

Pet Collection’s watches are very affordable but the quality is not as excellent as we hoped. However, their personalized watches are great gift ideas or company giveaways. In the future, it would be better if they develop other options for customizing watches.

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