Rockberries ScreenshotThe company Rockberries was founded by power woman Regine von Schlieffen, who is also the current CEO of the brand. She has been a jewelry designer for 10 years and also owns two textile companies and a chain of jewelry boutiques. The company shares their founder’s passion for jewelry making and wants to extend the same passion to their consumers through their online site.

The website already looks and feels very appealing to their target audience from the get go. It is streamlined with sensible features and tabs while its design structure is also effortless eye candy. In terms of product range, they also have a whole lot to offer.

You can decorate and design jewelries through My Jewelry Designer, which offers customization for Necklaces (with and without clasp), Bracelets (with and without clasps) and Earrings. The system is very easy to use and even enjoyable. Several customization options are provided, from the beads or gemstones to the clasps and metals used on the jewelry piece. Some of the popular gemstones included in the selection are Jade, Quartz, Moonstone, Agate, Onyx, Turquoise and Amethyst, which are all available in sizes from extra small to extra large. Pearls and gold/silver plated design accents are also on hand. As long as you have a creative eye, design options can be endless.

Rockberries jewelry designerTheir diamond rings are in a separate category tab, but can also be customized with clarity, shape, carat, cut and color. Prices for the customized jewelry are varying, depending of course on the type of materials you choose for the jewelry. Necklaces can cost anywhere from $100 – 300, bracelets are $80 – 200 and earrings are around $30 – 100. Diamond rings start at around $600. If you can’t get your creative juice flowing, you can browse through hundreds of different jewelry products from their ready-to-wear collection.

Orders are hand-made by professional artisans in the company’s Munich studios. Once orders are processed and ready to go; shipping takes 1-2 business days within Germany and up to 9 business days outside Germany. Jewelries with diamonds take approximately 7 – 15 days shipping. Returns and exchanges are allowed provided it meets the terms and conditions of the company. They also value the Right to Return policy, which states that you can return merchandise even without giving any reasons for return within a span of 14 days.

Overall, Rockberries offers a great system where you can easily design the jewelry of your dreams, whether necklace, bracelet, earrings or diamond rings. Because of the effective DIY system, designing a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece is very uncomplicated and pleasing, making you feel like a real jewelry designer.

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