Gemvara Screenshot For many people, jewelry is more than just an accessory to wear. It is also a form of self-expression, a decorative item that can be an extension of your mood or personality. For Gemvara, it is more than just a jewelry business, as they are passionate about crafting unique jewelry for each unique individual.

Gemvara, formerly known as Paragon Lake, was founded in 2006 by Matt Lauzon and Jason Reuben. The two friends were then exploring new ways to go shopping. As one of their friends told his overwhelming jewelry shopping experience, Lauzon and Reuben realized that they can revolutionize the industry with their vision.

Gemvara boasts a great online site, where the user interface is not just appealing but also very easy to use. Unlike other online shopping sites, the Gemvara website is designed to make it easier for anyone and everyone to look for the products that they want.

Gemvara Custom Jewelry Selection

Gemvara Create A Ring Every piece of jewelry that you see on the Gemvara site is customizable. They have rings, necklaces and earrings that can all be personalized. You will be able to choose the gemstones as well as the precious metal used for the jewelry. There is a wide array of gems and metals available on the site: about 19 gemstones and 8 precious metals. Your choice of jewelry design, gems and metals will be conveniently displayed while you do the customization process so you can have a pretty accurate representation of your order.

The gemstones used for the jewelry pieces are natural. They are quality gemstones that have very good polish, brilliance and cut. Their center diamonds come with a grading report from the appropriate institutions. Prices are very reasonable, and actually more affordable than other jewelers. They have very fashionable pieces that start at just around $80, which are also customizable. Diamond rings and engagement rings range from $1,000 – $100,000. Engraving for rings is also available, for an additional charge of $45.

Gemvara Shipping, Return and Warranties

Gemvara Shipping, Return and WarrantiesAll of the Gemvara jewelry orders are made in the US and they can ship internationally. Shipping is free to US and Canada. Shipping fees of all other international orders will be computed through International Checkout. Processing and shipping will take approximately 3 weeks, but you can have the order expedited with an additional fee. Their return policy is pretty simple: they offer a 30-day money back guarantee with the orders but you have to pay for the return shipping. They also offer one free resize within 101 days of delivery and a one-year warranty on their jewelries.

Free Engraving

Many, but not all, of Gemvara’s designs can be engraved by clicking “Add a Free Engraving” on items in your Gemvara shopping cart.

Gemvara is one of the finest online sites that you can go to for customized jewelry pieces. Aside from the engaging user interface that would be easy for anyone to use, they also have a huge selection of quality pieces and additionally offer great support and warranty with your purchase.

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