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Custom fabrics online have become a desirable commodity, not just for simple consumers but also to small businesses. A few years ago, this service was not readily available to average consumers but thanks to technology, custom fabrics are now easier than ever to obtain. Several websites offer this kind of service at very affordable prices and without any minimum order requirements.

Spoon FlowerSpoonflower is one of the most popular resources for custom fabrics online. The site offers some of the lowest prices online and nine different fabric options to choose from. They have a variety of pre-designed prints and patterns on the site and you also have the option to use your own design. The site, however, is not equipped with a design studio so your custom designs must be made with your own resources. The finished design or image can be uploaded on the site and there’s even an option to sell your designs on the website.

Fabric On DemandIf you want a wider range of fabric options, go to Fabric on Demand. They have a selection of 13 different fabrics, which is by far the most that’s being offered by custom fabric companies online. Like Spoonflower, the site also offers really affordable fabrics and they have the fastest turnaround time. Karma Kraft also offers a good range of fabrics and their printing services can be applied on different textures, from cloths to surfboards.

Jump Color is at the bottom of our list because the site is poorly made. They do offer nice fabric options but unfortunately, the site lacks in essential company information and also tools to help customers make their shopping decisions. This makes their credibility a lot lower than the other sites we have seen and shopping in a site like this can be pretty risky.

Most of these custom fabric sites often offer fabric swatches or samples for free or for a small cost. You can get in touch with their customer service departments and request swatches to get a better look at the fabric and also feel its texture before ordering.

Out of these four custom fabric companies, we find that Fabric on Demand has the most range of fabric options and also the most affordable custom fabrics online. And while the production time of other companies range from 20 days to 1 month, Fabric on Demand’s 10-day shipping guarantee makes them the company that has the fastest turnaround time.

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