Design Your Own Custom Jewelry

Thanks to the Internet, designing jewelry has become much easier and more convenient. You are not obligated to visit a jeweler anymore and pay loads of money to get a jewelry customized. This service is most convenient for customers who are getting married. Wedding jewelry, especially rings, are the most customized pieces and these days, you will be able to customize not just the ring size but also the carat, metal, style and quality of the ring and diamond stone.

Design Your Own Engagement Rings

Zoara2When it comes to bridal jewelry and engagement rings, Diamond Heaven, Zoara, James Allen and Limoges Jewelry tops our list. These three sites offer an extensive range of engagement rings and bridal jewelries that you can customize. Aside from a sumptuous selection of different styles, their websites are also equipped with sophisticated, easy to use design centers. LLC and Design Your Wedding Rings also offer these types of jewelry but the product options are not as appealing as our top choices. Their design applications and the overall layout of their sites are also not very engaging.

Design Your Own Fashion Jewelry

Rockberries2Several customers also go online to design trendy, fashionable jewelry like bead bracelets and gemstone necklaces. GemKitty , Rockberries and Gemvara are our top three contenders for everyday fashion jewelry. These sites boast popular trendy styles and elegant collections as well. Additionally, they also have state of the art design applications which make customization easy and enjoyable. Personalized Boutique and Zales Jewelry are also popular sites for trendy jewelry. However, their customization options are not as impressive. Mulberry Moon is the best option for budget-conscious shoppers, however, there’s not much freedom in customizing their jewelry.

Buying jewelry, especially expensive diamond pieces, is a pretty big deal so make sure to weigh out all your options first. If you have questions about the site’s services and products, do not hesitate to contact the company’s customer service or any department that handles queries.

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